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Yeoncheon (4’08”) is an integration of print image, music composition, and digital technology that uses “self-modifying video” filters.  This was my fifth collaboration with composer Frank Harris and the second with multimedia artist and program designer Aza Raskin.  Video images of my triptych pieces were fed into custom self-modifying filter programs that Raskin developed.  Harris then created original music that also further modified the video effects through the filters.  Finally Harris edited the video to the music to create the final piece.  The self-modifying filters scan the input and modify information in a feedback loop to create ever-changing visual sensations.  

Lake Merritt

This collaboration with composer Frank Harris is based on my print series entitled "Lake Merritt".  Frank composed and performed original music and created an animated video with elements of the four prints.  This work was premiered in Korea and China in September, 2014.

Seconding The Motion

This was my first collaboration with composer Frank Harris.  Frank composed original music for each piece (six photogravure prints) from my "Seconding The Motion" portfolio.  This work has been presented in Japan, Finland, Canada, Korea, China and the USA and originally was just music to be listened to while viewers gazed at the actual prints in the venues.  This video is a short version of the music with the static print images.

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